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Adam Cain (East Lincoln)

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Adam Cain graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music in 2003. His lessons focus on music theory, scales, chord structure, reading and rhythm, as well as applying that knowledge to learn and play songs the students choose. \ While still attending AIM Adam started to teach guitar/bass private lessons in the Atlanta, Georgia area. In addition to the private lessons he started a series of music camp programs that focused on group performance. Students were put into groups with the goal of learning one or more songs that they would be performing at a concert at the end of the camp. Some of these groups were even invited to perform at local music festivals. \ Adam moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2007 after accepting a teaching position at the North End Music and Performing Arts Center. While in Boston he also began teaching at the Bosse School of Music, a local elementary school as part of the music program, as well as other studios. \ Performance and teaching opportunities led Adam back to Atlanta in 2009 where he continued private lessons and live performance/studio work. As a freelance guitar player Adam has performed with several groups around the southeast and northeast whose styles included Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Blues, Funk, R&B, and more. At this time Adam also began work with the Atlanta String Duo, a guitar duo focusing on instrumental music in the Latin, Jazz, and Progressive Rock genres. \ In 2009 Adam became a full time member of the Lefty Williams Band, a group with influences in southern rock, jazz, blues, and more. The band toured the United States appearing on television and radio as well as performances at festivals and clubs. \ In 2016 Adam along with his wife and four children moved back to his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska to be closer to family and to focus on teaching.