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Bill Roundtree (Omaha)

Phone: (402) 457-9360



Bass, Digital Audio Production, Dobro, Guitar, Ukulele

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Dobro, Audio Recording and Production

Bill Roundtree is a highly experienced, renowned, and dedicated instructor who has over 25 years of teaching, live performing, and audio production experience that has influenced many successful musicians on so many levels.
From the hobbyist to professionals, from major label recording artists to Nashville session players, from campfire strummers to many other fellow instructors themselves…Roundtree creates a learning plan that’s suited for each and every learner.
Roundtree designs and creates a custom learning program specifically to not only achieve every student’s goals, but to fit each student’s weekly schedule
to deliver results in less time.

All styles..all ages…all lifestyles.

Styles include classic rock, metal, “shred” style, pop, jazz, fusion, country/bluegrass, neo-classical, djent, slap bass, and fusion/progressive rock. Also teaching ukulele and dobro!

Bill Roundtree has an on-site recording studio as well..and teaches the art of songwriting and production to bring every students’ original ideas to life.
Also used to create custom backing tracks for weekly practice, as well as assigning recording projects, this unique method makes learning the instrument engaging and fun, and most important..and also gives the student professional recording experience every pro musician has. All lessons are recorded in both audio and video format…transferred to a usb drive… for every student to use as reference during the week.

An instructor that has significant experience understands not only each individual’s goals, but who can identify and understand every student’s own system of learning is crucial to the growth and success of any aspiring musician.

It is never too early…and never too late…to learn what you love.

To sign up for classes online…or for more info, sample video tutorials, and to schedule a free consultation, visit today!