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Heath Sills (Lincoln)

Phone: (402) 434-7454


Bass, Guitar

Heath Sills is a native of Lincoln, Nebraska and has been playing the guitar for the past 22 years.  He has been teaching for 20 years, the last 10 at Dietze. He has been involved with numerous Lincoln bands including D-Funk.  His styles of playing include Blues, Rock, Progressive Rock, Metal, Country, Jazz and Fusion.  His family history of musical talent began with his grandfather who was a jazz bassist and his grandmother who was a jazz pianist and vocalist.  He acquired his knowledge of guitar with teachings from his father, Dan Sills, for two years and Andy Hall, whose instruction included 2 years of Jazz theory.  Along with the electric and acoustic guitar he has experience playing piano/keyboards and drums.  Heath’s  teaching methods include reading tablature, chord charts, note reading, music theory, chord construction and song writing.  His students range in ability from beginner to advanced.  Recently Heath has released his own CD titled Shades of Blue. His latest project entitled Abstract Mind is expected to be completed in December of 2011.