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Scott Colborn (Lincoln)

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I began my love of guitar with seeing the Beatles perform on the Ed Sullivan TV show and I knew I wanted to do that.  My first guitar was a Kay-brand Les Paul copy with the strings set so high off the neck that my fingers almost bled the first week.  Quickly I got together with some friends and began learning songs as the lead guitarist.  Our first gig was at the Cornhusker Hotel in May `66.  Christmas of `66 my Dad took me to purchase a “good guitar.”  I found a used near-new `66 Fender Telecaster that I own to this day.

I played in bands through Junior High, High School and two years of College.  Then I left school and played full-time with Whale, booking out of Lincoln, NE and playing Nebraska and the surrounding States in the Midwest.

In the mid 90’s I began to perform again with a local Lincoln band, The Relics.  I began to teach guitar in `95 privately and joined the teaching staff at Dietze Music in January 2006.

I teach two fun week-long sessions for kids via Bright Lights every summer called “Guitar Discovery”! This class is for post 5th – post 8th grade students, with a maximum of 15 students per class. I usually have 3-4 other instructors besides myself teaching this class. Much of our work is in small-group, with 3 students per instructor. Kids who have never played guitar but want to are perfect for this week-long class.  Dietze is an underwriter to this class and a long-time supporter of musicians.

More info on Bright Lights here: .

All guitar lessons at Dietze Music Briarhurst are one-on-one, and are pre-paid in advance and you are responsible for payment for lessons whether you attend the lesson or not. There is no refund for not attending a lesson – this is tuition and you are reserving that time and day. If you do not choose to attend a lesson, you are still responsible for that reserved day and tuition. Dietze has the same policy as I do on this. All lesson times are non-refundable. Any students not willing to honor this policy will not be accepted as a student by me.

My private studio students and Dietze Music students will learn about chords, scales, modes, guitar riffs, theory, reading guitar tab and reading music, and will learn to improvise in a live music setting. I pass out many printed hand-outs to my students. One of the gifts that I have is the ability to hear a song and then be able to show you what the guitar player is doing, and how they are doing it. Many students will bring a favorite song on CD that they want to learn, and I can take you through the song from start to finish. I can help you bring out the music you already hear in your head.

Whether you’re a beginner and don’t know anything but have the desire to learn, or an intermediate guitar player who feels that you’re in a rut and want to grow – I’m your guitar teacher! What I ask of you is sincerity, the commitment to practice what you learn, and a good attitude.

I’m grateful to be a guitar teacher and often enjoy teaching multiple members of a family.  I appreciate the referrals from past students and do my best to help the student gain proficiency on the guitar, to enjoy music and the creative process.

Generally I have a starting age of 8 years of age for students, but will make an exception for a younger student on a case-by-case basis.  No teacher wants to say “no” to a future Jimi Hendrix !  Perhaps you’re a middle-aged guy/gal who have always wanted to play guitar but never taken the time.  If you are willing to make the commitment I’ll take you as far as you want to go !  Most lessons are 30 minutes in length; I have one student who takes extended lessons.

If you want a tip on buying a guitar, please see me.  Contrary to a myth, electric guitars are easier to play than an acoustic and end up being more versatile – and some feel more fun.

Thanks for your consideration.  I love teaching guitar and helping my students to be all they can be.