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Flute Rental-Oakland-Craig

Flute Cleaning Rod and Carrying Case included with Flute Rental

$30.00 / month


We offer, for a small additional monthly fee, our optional Peace of Mind instrument protection program. This zero deductible plan protects your valuable instrument against theft or damage that may occur while you are renting.

Please select a different, second choice, in case your first choice is unavailable

Oakland-Craig Supply List

Tradition of Excellence Book 1 - Flute

Tradition of Excellence by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin is a comprehensive and innovative curriculum designed to appeal to today’s students.

Yamaha Silver Cloth

For polishing silver plate or other plated finishes

Portable Folding Music Stand

This lightweight, durable stand makes practicing anywhere even easier. Stand includes a durable gig bag for added convenience and portability.