Guitar, Bass Guitar, Guitar Discovery Class

David Boye is a veteran musician, guitar educator and writer who received his B.S. in Education from the University of Nebraska. As a full time guitar and bass teacher for over 30 years, he has developed an unparalleled reputation throughout the area by teaching hundreds of students the magic of guitar and bass. Dave developed the Dietze Group Guitar program and leads the Guitar Discovery class. He teaches guitar across the country for summer programs including Camp Jam and formerly, The National Guitar Workshop. David has authored guitar instructional materials for national publications.

As an award winning and in-demand musician, Dave performs and records throughout the Midwest over a hundred times annually in a wide variety of music styles including rock, blues, Americana, jazz, folk and new age. Dave is a composer for the National Park Service through their Artist-In-Residence program for which he tours during the summer and has produced two CDs.

In Dave’s studio, his main objective is that students enjoy the experience of learning the guitar. He stresses a strong foundation in the important fundamentals of playing guitar in a fun and relaxed environment based around the kind of music the student enjoys and wants to play. With a modest amount of effort and independent practice at home, students will be able to gain a quick and thorough understanding of the essentials of the guitar.