April is Guitar Month! Check out the deals!


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Let’s Make Back to School Easy!


  • “Audition” the instrument for one month. This is your only obligation in getting started.
  • Continue monthly…Though never a commitment to buy, all your easy monthly payments apply to the purchase price of your instrument. In other words, stick with it long enough–it’s yours!

“Own It” Bonus-(Early pay-off savings)

  • If you choose to purchase the instrument later, we’ll give you a 20% discount off the remaining balance if you purchase within the first 90 days. Need more time? No problem, we’ll still offer a 10% discount off the balance due if purchased after 90 days!

Peace of Mind Program

Our Peace of Mind Agreement is also available at a slight additional monthly rate. This no-deductible protection is available for those critical months of handling these valuable instruments:

  • Flutes, Clarinets, Trumpets, Trombones, Snare Kits, Violins – add $5.00 Monthly
  • Alto and Tenor Saxes, Oboes, Low Brass, Low Strings – add $6.00 Monthly

Dietze offers prompt repairs, a full inventory of accessory needs, and regularly services schools in the eastern half of Nebraska. We stock only instruments that have met stringent teacher requirements, long lasting quality at affordable, family budget prices.


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