Khayman Winfield has spent the majority of his life behind a drum kit. He got his first set of drums at the age of 3 and fell in love. At the age of 9, Khayman joined the Youth Artist Development Program in Omaha to learn how play in a band and gain experience playing live. From age 9 until he was 16, Khayman learned in the program later renamed BluesEd, and played shows all over town opening up for various nationally touring acts.
       After leaving BluesEd, Khayman spent several years playing in bands with friends from the program. At the age of 21, Khayman joined the Hector Anchondo Band and began touring and playing festivals and venues all over the US and Canada. Since joining Hector Anchondo, he’s recorded on 5 studio albums that have been nominated for numerous regional and national awards. 3 with Hector, 1 with the Talbott Brothers, and another with The Marcatos in Chicago. He’s also filled in with several acts from the midwest when their drummers were unable to perform.
       In his 20 years of playing in bands, Khayman has gathered a vast amount of knowledge of the drums, mastering the groove, recording, touring and much more! He loves the opportunity to share anything he can with fellow drummers. Khayman has always enjoyed teaching friends how to play drums, jam, and always try to make the song better. Khayman’s motto was taught to him as a child, and he’s strived to maintain it since then. That motto is to always play to the song! Meaning everything you do within the song should be for the sole purpose of making the song better.
       While mainly focusing on the live aspect of drumming, Khayman has the tools to teach drummers from beginner to advanced how to hone their craft and grow as a drummer.
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