Instructor – Performer – Recording Artist – Independent Contractor, Remote Lessons available (Zoom, FaceTime or Skype)


Guitar (6, 7, 8 string and more), Banjo (5 string, Tenors, Plectrum) Mandolin, Ukulele, Music Theory, Songwriting, Performance, Transcription, and More!

-Over 30 years of playing experience.
-Full-Time Instructor from 2008 to the present.
-Average 50-60 students a week.
-Specialized in multiple instruments, styles, and techniques.
-Customized lessons for each individual’s styles and goals.
-A simple approach to help you achieve your goals.
-Focus on understanding how to practice. “If you’re stuck in a rut, this will get you out forever!”
-How to effectively utilize your practice time for maximum benefit.
-Techniques for increased speed and dexterity.
-Importance of Right-hand techniques (With Pick or Picks, Without Picks, Finger Picking, Tremolo Picking, Rasgueado, Offbeats, Rhythmic Sequencing exercises, and other Rhythms).
-Understanding of lead improvisation, to play what you want when you want.
-Music theory and understanding its value.
-Usage of scales, arpeggios, chord building, and chord voicing.
-All these things will help reinforce your development as a player and your ability for faster growth and endless song creation.
-Knowledge of traditional Banjo, Mandolin, and Ukulele techniques.
-Specialized in Claw Hammer or (Frailing), Bluegrass picking (Scruggs style, Single String, Melodic, and many more), and many modified techniques such as transferring techniques or songs from one instrument to another.
-I always keep a relaxed and patient approach to your learning to help you to understand how to achieve your personal goals as a player.
-My goal is to teach you how to use tools to achieve a more rewarding growth by avoiding the “easy way”. If you learn “how” to practice you will be way more efficient which will make it feel “easier”.

-All Ages and Skill Levels Welcome!!!
I have students of all ages and skill levels. It doesn’t matter as long as you want to play! My experience will help you grow faster and show you what you’re capable of using Comprehension techniques, practice habit development, and tool usage for more rapid growth!

-Additional Highlights
I have performed in many bands and many styles over the years including (Blues, Alternative, Grunge, Punk, Thrash, Skate Rock, Reggae, Country, Metal, Death Metal, Irish Folk Punk Rock, and Bluegrass). 

I currently Perform with…
-APRIL MANNING “Pril and Johnny” active 2010-present
Facebook: The Pril Page/Pril Jam

-BADMOTORFINGER A SOUNDGARDEN Tribute active 2018-present
Facebook: @badmotorfinger4

-BANJO LOCO active 2010-present
Facebook: Banjo Loco

Banjo Loco’s “The Fisherman’s Lament”
Banjo Loco’s “Stanky Shoes”
“Devil Went Down To Georgia (Jordan)”
Metallica’s “One”


  I’m also doing side projects and performing with other local acts from time to time.

 -Emmett Bower Band “Main Attraction”