BA Degree in Piano Performance, University of Southern California, BA Piano Pedagogy and Music Education, Secondary Teaching Credential, California State Fullerton. Young Musicians Foundation/piano competition winner; Mozart Music Festival entrant, Vienna, Austria; Music as a Business, with Kaye Parker; Lyric Writing with Harriet Schock  (Grammy winner Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady), Nick Venet, Capitol Records (Mgr, Beach Boys); Winner, Nashville Country Western Songwriters Competition, Cheap Talk’in; Composer, musical, Northern Star and assistant librettist to Tony Award winner, Cleavant Derricks; Composer, musical, Joan (Joan of Arc); Composer/co-lyricist, musical William and Mary. Composer/co-lyricist, Cyrano D’ Bergerac, Latino Theater Works.  Composer  A Window to My Heart, for documentary, Through Their Own Eyes, (Diaries of the Homeless); Composer,  TV documentary series for PBS, The Young Moviemakers; Musical score for stage play, Harriet, (Harriet Beecher Stowe); Composer, Not This Time  (TV documentary for Battered Women Foundation). Composer, title track for movie Valhalla; Movie score for House That Jack Built; Composer/librettist, co-lyricist, Viva La Vida (Frida Kahlo), staged readings. 

Private instruction in piano and vocal music. Developed music curriculum for choral music program in public school, taught choral music for grades 6, 7 and 8.