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Roger Mead (Omaha)

Phone: (402) 707-2167



Guitar, Ukulele

I started playing a Uke back in 1966 when I was 12 after getting frustrated trying to learning guitar on my own. My mom found a lady who had learned Ukulele in Hawaii and who was fun to learn from and I found after playing for a couple of years it was a lot easier to learn to play guitar. I began to learn guitar by using books, finding other musicians to jam with and by developing my ears to hear music and figure out how to play by ear. I took my first theory class at UNL in 1977 but didn’t continue my formal education again until 2009 when I went back to college and received my Bachelor’s degree in Music, Audio and Video in 2011. I began playing in bands in the late seventies though the early nineties and began teaching in 1985 at D Rocks in Fremont to teaching at Russo’s music in Omaha from 1999 to 2013 and then moving to Dietze Music where I currently teach. I teach Ukulele and Guitar and currently have students ranging in age from 4 to well into their 60’s. My private lessons are $21.00 a half hour and I have open jams twice a week for my students to teach them to play in a group setting at no extra cost to the student. I also hold student in the Spring and Fall for those who want a chance to perform on a stage. Call me at (402) 707-2167 if you are interested in lessons or have any questions.