Large Swivel Nuts 6mm

fit most bass drum drum tension rods. (12PK)


Tension Rods Reference Guide
Key Rod – Tension rod with drum key style head. Generally used on snare drums, tom toms, and at the bottom of a bass drum.
T-Rod – Tension rod with T-handle. Used on bass drums.
7/32″ – Fits tom and snares for Pearl, CB, Mapex, Tama, Ludwig, Gretsch, Premier, Pacific, and most other manufacturers with the exception of Sonor. Fits DW drums prior to 1996 production.
6 mm – Fits bass drums for Pearl, CB, Mapex, Tama, Ludwig, Gretsch, Yamaha, and other generic Taiwan-made drums. Other manufacturers generally use 7/32″ dis b ss drum key rods.
SC-4J – 1 3/8″ (35 mm), Fits many piccolo snare drums and small tom toms.
SC-4C – 1 5/8″ (41 mm), Fits many snare drums,. small and medium toms, and some floor toms.
SC-4B – 2″ (51 mm), Fits toms and floor toms with a lot of space between hoop and tension casing.
SC-4E – 2 3/8″ (58mm), Fits some floor toms and bass drums.