On Stage Guitar Workstation

  • Accommodates several of your effect pedals on a removable pedalboard.
  • Enables you to hang up long supplies such as coiled cables and guitar straps.
  • Encloses your pedals to protect them from dust, debris, and mishaps.
  • Keeps all your electric guitar or bass gear safely organized, on display, and ready to play.
  • Securely holds your electric guitar or bass and protects its finish from dings and scratches.
  • Stores your picks, capos, tuners, slides, phones, and other small accessories for easy access.
  • Sturdy stand elevates your combo amp for improved sound quality.


Keep all your guitar gear safely organized, on display, and ready to play with the GWS5000B Guitar Workstation. This multipurpose workstation is a combination amp stand, guitar stand, cable and strap hanger, pedalboard, and accessory tray rolled into one convenient and visually appealing package. At the center, a wide-open shelf provides plenty of space for a powerful combo amp as large as a Deluxe Reverb or AC15. The shelf elevates your amp for improved sound quality, directing its speaker closer to your ears, decoupling the cabinet from building surfaces that absorb or boost certain frequencies, and reducing sound-wave reflections off the floor. The pedalboard at the bottom holds several guitar-effect pedals and, at 8 inches wide, accommodates a variety of stompbox sizes. An opening down the center of the board makes it easy to route your wires and cables for a clean and practical layout. Hook-and-loop strips are included for securing your devices to the shelves, a popular attachment method that enables ease of rearrangement if you decide to make changes to your setup. When it’s time to play, the pedalboard completely slides out of the workstation and can be positioned as close to or as far away from your amp as you choose. When you’re finished playing you can slide the board back into the workstation and close the bottom door to shield your pedals from dust, debris, and mishaps. On the right side of the workstation, there’s a guitar stand that holds a wide range of popular electric guitars and basses. Padding on the stand’s bumpers provides traction to keep your instrument in place and also protects its finish from dings and scratches. Padded hangers on the left side provide storage for long supplies such as coiled cables and guitar straps. Your picks, capos, tuners, slides, and other accessories can be stored on the top shelf for easy access. The shelf is angled back and features a front bumper to keep small objects from falling or rolling away. It’s even a good place to prop up your phone for watching lessons, recording videos, or reading music. The refined rosewood finish looks great in living spaces and displays well in your livestream or studio setup to add to a professional presentation.