Vandoren VK Synthetic Clarinet Reed

The VK reed is completely new, both in terms of the material of which it is made and the method of obtaining the material, and is covered by an international patent.

The VK reed, and the material of which it is made, are produced in France in Bormes-Les-Mimosas. These reeds are 100% recyclable.


The synthetic reed

 VK reeds are made in France in Bormes les Mimosas

 Vandoren VK reeds are fully recyclable

 Same acoustic behavior as natural reeds


6 strengths available

There are six Vandoren VK strengths available. All strengths fall between 2.5-3.5 traditional reed strength.

The VK strengths correspond to subdivisions by thirds of the usual half strengths

The VK reeds strengths corresponds to sixths of cane reed strength

The VK reed is currently only available for Clarinet.

The performance of the VK reed

4 advantages of the Vandoren VK reed to know

  • Stability

The material is moisture resistant, rot-proof, does not warp when dried and is saliva resistant.

  • Durability

The VK performs considerably longer than cane reeds with a high level of consistency.

The VK reed should be stored on a flat surface.

We recommend the use of a flat surfaced reed holder (not a standard reed holder).

  • Ease of Use

The reeds can be used directly out of the packaging, without any preparation.

The material is washable and can be disinfected with alcohol or with any food compliant disinfectant.

  • Consistency

Unparalleled consistency resulting in reliable strength, sound, articulation, projection and high note stability

Perfectly safe

The VK reeds comply with the toy standard, chemical part, EU Directive 2009/48/EC, Annex II – Part III.

The material is also hypoallergenic.